2.6.2 2022 In-person NACO Training

For the Spring 2022 semester the Cataloging and Metadata Department will participate in a 6-day in-person PCC NACO Training. The training will follow the Five-day NACO Training Outline with an additional day added to cover the series module. We are inviting catalogers from the Orem Public Library to join us for this training.



The in-person training will be held 9am-5pm on the following six days:

  • Day 1: May 24
  • Day 2: May 26
  • Day 3: May 31
  • Day 4: June 2
  • Day 5: June 7
  • Day 6: June 9

Each day will have a lunch break from 12-1pm.


The training will be held in room 2233 of the HBLL. This room has 30 desktop computers available for use during the training. Anyone with a laptop is invited to bring that as well in case we have more attendees than available computers.

Who Should Attend

All non-student employees are expected to participate unless otherwise directed by their supervisor. While providing more in-depth review for those who have gone through this training previously, this training is aimed to support recent new hires who haven’t received formal NACO training and catalogers from the Orem Public Library who will also be joining us. We will also cover Module 6 — Describing Works and Expressions and Module 6a — Describing Series which weren’t included in our department’s last NACO Training Review.

NACO Materials

We will not be printing the PowerPoint slides for each training module as done in previous in-person trainings. Attendees are welcome to download the NACO Training Materials ahead of time and use them electronically or in print for reference and note taking during the training.

Required Software and Access

We will be relying on the OCLC Connexion Client which will be installed on the computers at the time of the training. We will also use the following websites:

Access to the Original RDA Toolkit will be available via IP authentication. If you have an RDA profile account you are welcome to use that instead. Access to Cataloger’s Desktop is recommended but not required. Most resources needed for this training that are found in Cataloger’s Desktop can also be accessed from the NACO Documentation & Updates webpage.


The following table lists the schedule for in-person NACO training.

1May 241 NACO Foundations
2May 262 Describing Person
3May 313 Describing Families
4 Describing Coporate Bodies
4June 25 Describing Places
6 Describing Works and Expressions
5June 77 Changes to Existing Authority Records
8 NACO Administration
6June 96a Describing Series

Location / Hours

The Catalog Department is located on Level 6 of the Harold B. Lee Library. The Department is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.