2.4.7 SmartPorting Authority Records

You can use the SmartPort wizard to search or browse Z39.50 authority resources and import records from these resources into WorkFlows. Before you SmartPort any authority records, please consult with the Authorities Specialist, and make sure that your SmartPort settings are correctly configured.

To set SmartPort properties for authority records in WorkFlows

  1. Right-click the SmartPort icon on your toolbar.
  2. Click Properties.
  3. In the SmartPort: Properties dialog box, scroll down until you see the “Authority Record Load Options” section.
  4. Make sure that “Match and load” is selected.
    • This option searches for an existing, matching record in WorkFlows and loads the record based on the result, and overlays the existing record. The matching and loading is based on the values in the Authority Control Number Source field.
    • When WorkFlows finds a matching record, a window displays indicating the type of match used, and the matched number. For example: Matching record found on control number from 001 — N85149504
    • Whether the record is matched or not, the incoming record will be loaded into a SmartPort capture record. This record can then be edited or the SmartPort can be completed or canceled.
  5. Make sure that the “Authority control number source” textbox contains “nc” (no quotes).
    • This field lets you specify the entries in the MARC authority record that should be checked for a match in the catalog. The “nc” entry specifies the 010 and 001 control numbers. WorkFlows checks the catalog for an authority control number source match on the first authority control number source value. If no match is found, the second authority control number source will be checked. These values are also required for the Replace Current Record option to supply control number information.
    • Note: If the “Authority control number source” field is blank, any record you SmartPort comes into Symphony with an OCN number in the Authority  ID field (located on the Control tab) instead of an LCCN. This causes duplicate authority records when we get records from Backstage, or when other people with the correct settings SmartPort the same record. To prevent this from happening, please make sure that your “Authority control number source” field contains “nc”.
  6. Click OK.

To SmartPort an authority record in WorkFlows

  1. Click the SmartPort icon on your toolbar.
  2. Select OCLC Authorities in the Connect to Databases list, then click Connect.
  3. To search by LC control number, enter the number of the authority record you want to SmartPort in the LCCN field. If you want to search by name, title. subject, corporate author, conference author, genre/form, etc., enter text you want in the appropriate field.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Select the record you want in the Search Results list, then click Capture.
  6. Make sure Match and Load is selected in the Smart Port: Capture dialog box and that the Authority control number source field contains nc, then click OK.
    • Selecting Match and Load uses the match points to determine whether any record in the catalog matches the one that is being captured. If any record does match, you will be notified before it is displayed that the record will be replaced. The warning will say: “Matching record found on control number from <control number>.” Click OK to continue. If there is not a match, a new record will display for you to accept or modify.
    • Selecting Replace current record overlays any authority record that is displayed, selected, or in memory in WorkFlows. Do not select this option.
  7. In the displayed authority record, copy the LCCN from the 010 field into the 001 field, replacing the oca number.
  8. On the Control tab, select Today from the Date authorized drop-down list, then click Save.
  9. Click Close.
  10. You can search for the record in WorkFlows if you want to make sure that the new/updated record was imported correctly.

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