2.4.8 Validating Authorized Access Points in Bibliographic Records

You can use the Validate Headings helper in WorkFlows to check bibliographic access points under authority control and validate indicators and subfields. This helper displays only in wizards that allow you to modify the bibliographic record in the Bibliographic tab.

With the Validate Headings helper, you may be prompted to verify tags under the following circumstances:

  • Indicators do not meet the parameters defined.
  • Access point in author (1xx, 7xx), series (4xx), or subject (6xx) tags are unauthorized.

To validate headings

  1. When adding or modifying a bibliographic record,  click the Validate Headings button on the Bibliographic tab.
  2. The heading to be authorized appears in the Heading field and an ”Unauthorized heading” message displays below.
  3. Review the displayed indicator or heading problem, then click one of the following options:
    • Next – Validates the heading, and then advances to the next heading. If the heading cannot be validated, it will continue to display as the current heading until it is either corrected or skipped. Invalid or skipped headings continue to display the next time the Validate Headings helper is used.
      The Next button is unavailable until a heading is corrected or retrieved from the hit list that displays when you click Get From List.
    • Browse – Returns you to the Browse Authority hit list.
    • Get From List – Retrieves the currently selected authority heading from the Browse hit list.
    • Skip – Skips the heading displayed without making changes or validating the change.
    • Skip Rest – Skips the remaining headings without making additional changes.
    • Propose – Creates a new authority record based on the unauthorized heading in the bibliographic record. The Propose Authority option creates a new record with reasonable values in the fixed field and 001, 005, 040, 1XX, and 670 entries (plus the 022 and 642-646 entries for a series heading) based on the information in the bibliographic record being validated, and displays the Description tab for review. The newly proposed authority can then be edited as necessary before being added to the authority database.
  4. After validating a heading, a Validation Complete dialog box displays with information about the number of entries checked and the number of unauthorized headings found, authorized, and skipped. Click OK.

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