2.4.2 Creating a Subject Heading + Subdivision Record

As of about 2015 the system was changed to cascade subdivisions off authorized headings in all 6XX fields except 655. The result is these access point strings only display |?UNAUTHORIZED if the first part of the string is unauthorized or there is some other problem with the access point. Previous to this date the following procedure was followed to create local authority records for these strings.This procedure still works for 655 fields. If a cataloger wants to create a local authority record for a string in another 6XX field, please consult the Authorities Specialist.

Former procedure:

Catalogers can create a Subject  or Name Heading + Subdivision record for unauthorized access points on records you catalog or update in WorkFlows. These records are sometimes called provisional or validation records, and their purpose is to authorize access points (remove the |?UNAUTHORIZED message in the field).

  1. Check the authority file for a record:
    • If you find a record, use the access point found on the authority record.
    • If you don’t find a record, use the Validate headings button in the bibliographic record to create a heading.
  2. On the Bibliographic tab, click the Validate Headings button ().
  3. When the access point you want to authorize appears in the Heading dialog box with an |?UNAUTHORIZED message, click Propose. This creates a new record with reasonable values in the fixed field and 001, 005, 040, 1XX, and 670 entries (plus the 022 and 642-646 entries for a series heading) based on the information in the bibliographic record being validated, and displays the Description tab for review. The newly proposed authority can then be edited as necessary before being added to the authority index.
  4. On the Control tab, type “UPB” in the Source field.
  5. Click OK, then click Next.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for any other unauthorized access points on the record.
  7. When the Validation Complete dialog box appears, click OK.
  8. Check the access point in the bibliographic record to make sure it includes the proper ending punctuation, which may have been deleted in the validation process.

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