2.4.4 Duplicating Authority Records

Note: Most of the activity described in this section isn’t done any more since in 2015 the system was changed to cascade subdivisions off authorized headings in all 6XX fields except 655 (see also 2.4.2). This procedure is still used, however, to create genre/form records based on LCSH.

Sometimes new authority records need to be added that are similar to established terms already in the authority file, such as a heading with subdivisions. For example, we have an authority record for United States |x History and we need a record for United States |x History |v Juvenile literature. You can use the Duplicate Authority Record wizard in WorkFlows to create a new authority record in the authority file by copying the authority information from an existing record.

To duplicate an authority record

  1. Within the Authorities group of wizards, click the Duplicate Authority button . The Authority Search window appears.
  2. If necessary, use the drop down list to select the index you want to search.
  3. Search for the authority record you want to duplicate. If your search finds results, a browse list displays in the hit list area.
  4. Select the authority record you want to copy, then click Duplicate.
  5. On the Control tab, enter “UPB” in the Source field, select “Today” from the Date authorized drop down list, make any other changes (e.g. change LCSH to GENRE_FORM) and leave the Authorization level as “Provisional.” You will also need to copy the Authority ID:
  6. On the Authority tab, a copy of the authority record you selected in step 4 displays with DUPLICATE AUTHORITY preceding the leading term. Modify the entry to the new heading (which might involve changing the tag) and enter any additional authority information or make other modifications as needed. Make sure you delete “DUPLICATE AUTHORITY” from the 1XX field and delete any extra fields you don’t need in the new record. Paste the Authority ID from the Control tab into the 001 field.
  7. Click Save to save your changes.

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