3.2.1 Use of Captions in Recording Holdings Information

Follow this policy to determine appropriate captions and forms for recording volume or physical part information in the MARC holding record (MHLD), item records, and call number labels.


Holdings Statements for Non-Serial Items (ANSI/NISO Z39.57-1989). Captions.
Library of Congress. Subject Cataloging Manual : Shelflisting. G 180: Designations for Volume, Part, etc.


Captions are terms that appear with numbers or letters to identify parts of a work. Examples include the terms volume, part, section, tomo, Band and Heft. Captions are often abbreviated when they appear in statements to show library holdings or on call number labels attached to the items.

In general, when captions are used in a catalog record to delineate volumes or parts, use the same caption consistently throughout all parts of the record. In other words, use the same terms to identify the part whether in the bibliographic record, the MARC holdings record, the item records, the call number or the label. Do not consider generic terms that appear in the 300 field to be captions. Transcribe the captions that appear on the item and use abbreviations found in AACR2, Appendix B, in accordance with ANSI/NISO Z39.57, Holdings Statements for Non-Serial Items.

EXCEPTION: When a pattern for designating volumes or parts has been established for a series or title in which volumes have previously been cataloged, continue to follow the pattern for added volumes even if it does not conform to the policy described above.


You have a German set in which the volumes are designated Band and Heft. In the bibliographic record, you list the volumes in a content note as follows:

500:0 : $a Bd. 1, Heft 1. [title] — Bd. 1, Heft 2. [title] — [etc.]

You use these same designations to record the holdings in the MARC holdings record:

866: 1: $a Bd.1:Heft 1 Bd.1:Heft 2 [etc.]

On the item record:

ENUM/CHRON: Bd.1:Heft 1

On the spine of each book:

PT               rather than            PT
2024                                            2024
.R35                                            .R35
1978                                            1978
Bd.1                                             vol.1
Heft 1                                          pt.1

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