3.4.1b 583 Action Note

An action note should always be included when a record is newly cataloged and is usually added when a major change is made to the record (e.g. when volumes are added, etc.) It may be used to document any change to the record or other information such as planned actions.

For copy catalogers:

Please use the following formula for creating a 583 note:

583 |acat|c20120612|kcik|5UPB

For subject catalogers:

Please use the following formula for creating a 583 note:

583 |acat|c20120612|krlm|5UPB
OR, if you wish you may add another element that provides more information in a |b field
583 |acat|brare|c19980910|krlm|5UPB

Other uses of 583:



Note: the shelf-ready action note is always accompanied by a second action note for its actual cataloging:



Loads of electronic records:

ebrary load|c20100901|5UPB

To search:

Search queries may look like this:

cat 201206$ cik {583}
cat 201206$ rlm rare {583}

*NOTE: a search on 1998$ alone does NOT work because Unicorn does not allow truncation to less than 5 characters. The year plus the month with the truncation symbol does bring up a search result. If you wish to search on a year alone you can substitute “?” for EACH missing character:

cat 2012???? rlm {583}

Defined uses of the |a field are:

cat = to be used if cataloging an item (including cataloging with copy if extensive change or enhancement is involved)

copy = used by copy catalogers

rec = to be used if reclassing an item

mod = to be used if modifying an existing record

aut = reserved for use by Authorities personnel only

add = used when adding a volume or copy

trans = transfer of collections

sr = shelf ready

**NOTE: Additional information regarding the 583 field may be found in the USMARC Format for Bibliographic Data http://www.loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/bd583.html


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