3.4.11 Donor Information (945)

First indicator

Display as note

# Display as a note

0 Do not display

Second indicator


# Undefined


Subfield codes:

‡a Gift of:

‡b In memory of:

‡c In honor of:

‡d Date cataloged:

‡e Collection/Copy:

‡f Underwritten by:

‡g Purchased with a financial gift from:

‡h Acquired as part of:




A 945 field should be used in all instances where donor information is provided. This will help to insure that it can always be found in a search for the donor’s name. In most cases, the 945 alone will be sufficient to provide information about the donor for catalog users.

In some cases, a more detailed, specific or uniquely worded note may be desirable. In those instances, the note may be included in a 590 field (or in one of the copy note fields if there are multiple copies of the item). The first indicator is used in those cases to suppress display of the 945 field.



First Indicator – Note controller

The first indicator contains a value that specifies whether or not a display note is to be generated from the field.

# – Display note

Value blank ( #) indicates that a note is to be generated from the data in field 945.

0 – Do not display note

Value 0 indicates that a note is not to be generated from the data in field 945. Value 0 is used when the display constants associated with the 945 field are not adequate to describe the nature of the donation. In this case, a note describing the donation is recorded in a 590 field or in a note field associated with a copy, such as 852 subfield ‡z in the MARC Holdings record. Value 0 should never be used simply to suppress display of 945. It should always be used in association with another display field such as 590 or 852 subfield ‡z.

Second Indicator – Undefined

The second indicator is undefined and contains a blank (#).


‡a – Gift of:

Subfield ‡a contains the names of one or more individuals or organizations who have donated the item described in the bibliographic record to the library or have contributed to the acquisition of the item in an unspecified way.

945    ##‡a Joseph Earl & Genevieve Thornton Arrington.

945    ##‡a Church Historical Dept.

‡b – In memory of:

Subfield ‡b contains the name of a deceased individual for whom the item is donated as a memorial.

945 ##‡a BYU Alumni Association. ‡b John Doe.

‡c – In honor of:

Subfield ‡c contains the name of a living individual in whose honor the item is donated.

945    ##‡a Kayla Willey, Dale Swensen, Ruth Ann Hay. ‡c Thomas S. Monson.

‡d – Date cataloged:

Subfield ‡d contains the date the item is added to the catalog record. The date is recorded in the form mm/dd/yyyy.

945    ##‡a Benjamin Franklin. ‡d 09/12/2008.

‡e – Collection/Copy:

Subfield ‡e identifies by collection and/or copy number the copy on the record which is the donated one. Subfield ‡e may be omitted when the donated item is the only copy on the record.

945    ##‡a Robert Maxwell. ‡b Chad J. Flake. ‡d 10/15/2005. ‡e Stacks, copy 2.

‡f – Underwritten by:

Subfield ‡f contains a name or names of individuals or organizations who have put up funds in support of the acquisition, processing, digitization, etc. of a library resource. This subfield is only used when information specifying this relationship is provided to the cataloger by a selector or curator.

945    ##‡f Angel Partners Fund. ‡d 07/22/2008.

‡g – Purchased with a financial gift from:

Subfield g may be used to record a donor’s name when a monetary donation from the donor was used to purchase the item, either singly or as a part of a larger collection of items.

‡h – Acquired as part of:

Subfield ‡h may contain a collection name or MSS number when the donor’s name appears in subfield ‡a.


590    1#‡a Acquired and processed with underwriting from the Chad Flake Endowment for 16th Century Materials.

945    0#‡f Chad Flake Endowment. ‡d 09/03/2006.

590    1#‡a Acquired in 2008 with a financial gift from Janie and Scott Duvall (Payson, Ut.).

945    0#‡g Janie and Scott Duvall. ‡d 05/24/2008.

590    1#‡a Described and Digitized in 2006 with underwriting from the Angel Partners Fund (Orem, Ut.).

945    0#‡f Angel Partners Fund. ‡d 11/03/2006.

945    0#‡a Julia Holmes Lippert. ‡d 11/26/2001. ‡e Vault copy 6.

[in MARC Holdings record:]

852    ##‡c VAULT‡t6‡zDonated by Julia Holmes Lippert. Original owner was James Bowne (1787-1872), who gave the book to his grandson Wallace H. Foster (1843-1890). Foster passed the book on to his daughter Julia Foster Drury (1869-1957), who gave it to her daughter and son-in-law, Rev. and Mrs. Rexford C.S. Holmes (1900-1984 and 1902-1995), in 1932. The Holmes gave the book to their daughter Julia Holmes Lippert (1931- ) in 1962 soon after her baptism into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; copy imperfect: first fly leaf, and leaves containing p. 81-82 and 433-434 wanting



Punctuation – End each subfield with a period.

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