3.4.16 Theses and Dissertations

Instructions for Preparing Theses and Dissertations

Fixed fields:

Rec type = t

Desc = i

Dat_tp = s

Entrd = yymmdd (day you are entering the record)

Date 1 = yyyy

Ctry = xx

Source = d

Illus = a = illustration, b = maps, f = plates

Cont = bm

***Leave all others as default***


Bibliographic fields:


040 = UPB|beng|cUPB|erda

100 = author’s name (Last, First, Middle initial.) ,|d year of birth—|eauthor.

245 = title (fixing to lower case, except proper nouns) /|cby (name).

264:-0 = |cyyyy. (year of publication on the title page)

300 = xx, xx pages :|billustrations ;|cxx cm    Example: vii (number of roman numeral pages), 52 pages :|billustrations (only if there are figures in the thesis) ;|c22 cm

336 = text|2rdacontent

337 = unmediated|2rdamedia

338 = volume|2rdacarrier

502 = |bM.S.(or M.A. or Ph. D.)|cBrigham Young University. Department of [add here]|d year.

            e.g. |bPh. D.|cBrigham Young University. Department of Biology|d2014.

504 = Includes bibliographical references (include page range if applicable).

520:3- = enter abstract (for every new paragraph enter a new 520) (Double check punctuation/accents transferred correctly)

583 = cat|cyyymmdd|kxxx/xxx|5UPB

653 = keywords (space between each word and all lower case, unless acronym or proper noun, etc.)

Location / Hours

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