3.4.17 Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs)

Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETDs) processing

Go to: https://cas.byu.edu/cas/login?service=http%3A%2F%2Fetd.lib.byu.edu%2FCatalog_login.php

Sign in with Route Y login and password

Click on “view pdf” (this is the actual ETD on file)

Click on “review metadata” (this is keywords and metadata to copy into the record)

Search Workflows by title or author of ETD

If you don’t find a record for the thesis, create a new record

Refer to the ETD pdf directly, but copy and paste from metadata where possible


Fixed fields:

Rec type = t

Desc = i

Entrd = yymmdd

Date 1 = yyyy

Ctry = xx

Source = d

Illus = (refer to pdf) (a = illustration, b = maps, f = plates)

Cont = bm

***Leave all others as default***


Bibliographic fields:


040 = UPB|beng|cUPB|erda

100 = author’s name (Last, First, Middle initial.) ,|d year of birth—|eauthor.

245 = title (fixing to lower case, except proper nouns) /|cby

264:-0 = |cyyyy. (year of publication on the title page)

300 = type 1 online resource & add number of pages & illustrations (denote color). (Note: no centimeters for ETDs)…for example: 1 online resource (vii, 52 pages) :|billustrations

336 = text|2rdacontent

337 = computer|2rdamedia

338 = online resource|2rdacarrier

502 = |bM.S.(or M.A. or Ph. D.)|cBrigham Young University. Department of [add here]|d year.

            e.g. |bPh. D.|cBrigham Young University Department of Biology|d2014.

504 = Includes bibliographical references (include page range if applicable). (all etds usually do)

520:3- = enter abstract (for every new paragraph enter a new 520) (Double check punctuation/accents transferred correctly)

583 = electronic copy|bdigilibETD|cyyyymmdd|kcrp|5UPB

653 = keywords (space between each word and all lower case, unless acronym or proper noun, etc.)

655:-0 = Electronic dissertations.

856:4- = |zCLICK HERE for online access|u[add url]

Call number/item:


Call number = see URL

Class scheme = ALPHANUM

Library = INTERNET

Item ID = (add a dummy barcode = numerals from title control # -1002)

Type = E-BOOK

Home and current location = LIBRARYWEB

***Leave all others as default***


On Metadata Review page:

  • Copy the title control number from the control tab in the Workflows record.
  • Click on “Update ETD Metadata.” Paste the title control number into SIRSI ID box. Click “update” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Double check metadata page for Sirsi ID number.
  • Click on “send to LIS department” after you double check the workflows record is finished.


Partial records:

Most records have been started and need information to fill in the blanks accordingly. Add a dummy call number to all etd records. If you are creating a hard copy record add a dummy call # to any records that do not have a Special Collections call number/item filled out.



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