3.4.18 Deriving Music Genres and Medium of Performance Terms


This policy outlines instructions for deriving music-related MARC fields by using the OCLC Connexion MusicFormGenre macro. Following these practices avoids performing batch remediation on future music records and will fully utilize music-related MARC fields.


The following fields are required for all score records:

The following fields are required for all sound recording records:

  • 382
  • 655

As applicable, also employ the following fields:

If deriving a record, start by using the MusicFormGenre macro in OCLC, then verify its output to ensure it fully captures the item in hand.

The macro is designed to assess data available in various MARC fields and generate data in the fields listed above. Verify the output to ensure it fully captures the item in hand. When existing data is unclear, the macro assumes a broader term.

For example:

  • The LCSH term “Canons, fugues, etc.” generates the broad LCGFT term “Art music”. Assess the item and assign a narrower LCGFT term such as “Canons”, “Fugues”, or “Preludes”.
  • The LCSH term “Songs with piano” generates the LCGFT term “Chamber music”. Although this potentially fits the definition of “Chamber music”, it often is misleading. Assess the item and assign LCGFT terms appropriately.


The most recent iteration of the macro can be found at https://files.library.northwestern.edu/public/Files/. Download and install the file: MusicDLL.20191027.zip

Check for macro updates occasionally (usually advertised via MLA-L and MOUG-L).


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Last updated: 2020/11/10

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