3.4.5d Marking of Special Collections Materials

I. Objective

This policy explains the marking practices for special collections materials in the Harold B. Lee Library. The objective of the policy is to better secure the materials by identifying them in an unobtrusive way so that in the event of theft they can be more readily returned if retrieved by law enforcement agencies or other parties.

II. References

ACRL Guidelines for the Security of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Other Special Collections, Appendix I, “Guidelines for Marking Books, Manuscripts, and Other Special Collections Materials” <http://www.ala.org/acrl/standards/securityrarebooks>

III. Instructions

Special Collections materials will be marked with a small stamp bearing the initials UPB (the Harold B. Lee Library’s MARC symbol). The mark(s) will be placed in a position such that it cannot be removed without leaving obvious evidence of its former presence (specific guidelines are below). Marks should not interfere with text.

Marking of incoming materials will be done as part of the cataloging process.

This policy was implemented in May 2003; retrospective marking will also take place as a Department project.

A. Books and Scores (including manuscript books) in codex format

Mark 1: On the verso of title page, approximately one inch from the bottom and one inch from the gutter.

Mark 2: Counting backward from the last leaf with printing on it, on verso of the fourth leaf back (i.e., facing the third leaf back), approximately one inch from the bottom and one inch from the gutter (within the margins, not within the text block).

Items consisting of less than ten leaves or so will only have mark 1.

B. Broadsides and other sheets (e.g., maps, art prints)

Mark the verso of the sheet, somewhere toward the lower right hand corner, within the text block of the recto of the sheet (so that it cannot be cut off without affecting the text of the recto). In no case, however, should the mark be placed over text that might appear on the verso of a sheet.

C. Media

1. Discs

Write UPB in ink on the top of each disc, on the clear plastic at the center of the disk or close to the center of the disk.

2. Cassettes

Write UPB in ink on housing of each cassette

3. Other media

Write UPB in ink on each item

Note: we are currently using a fine point Sharpie to mark media.

D. Archival manuscript materials [procedures in process]

E. Photocopies

These will not normally be marked, although they may be at the discretion of the cataloger or curator.

F. Unusual items

Use judgment for the placement of the mark.

Maintained by: Bob Maxwell

Implemented: May 2003

Location / Hours

The Catalog Department is located on Level 6 of the Harold B. Lee Library. The Department is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.