3.4.5h Mormon Media Cataloging Rules for Non-Music Media

I. Acquisition

CDs/DVDs come to the acquisitions department in a variety of ways, including firm orders, approval, standing orders, and gifts.

II. Routing

1. Firm ordered CDs/DVDs and BYU Bookstore approval CDs are routed to 21st Century Mormonism Cataloger.

2. DVDs from the Library Multimedia Department are routed to Media Cataloger. (Note that from 2013 to 2015, these materials were routed to 21st Century Mormonism Cataloger.

3. DVDs of BYU devotionals are also routed to Erminia Chao

III. Cataloging

1. CDs and DVDs should be cataloged according to current RDA standards.

2. HBLL-produced DVDs cataloged by Erminia will receive minimal subject heading assignment, in order to speed up cataloging times. E.g., English Reading Series DVDs will only receive a 600 subject heading for the author who is giving the lecture, unless Robert Means (English & English Literature Librarian) requests that individual subject headings are added, which he will supply.

IV. Classification

1. Feature films

Feature films and scripted television shows with Mormon subject matters go in BX8688.22. (This is also the number used for screenplays.)

Other feature films and scripted television shows go in the appropriate PN call number.


Individual scripted television programs: PN1992.77
Motion pictures produced through 2000: PN1997
Motion pictures produced 2001-: PN1997.2

2. Documentaries

Documentaries and other non-dramatic media are classed in the LC number for their subject (making use of local BX8600 schedules where appropriate).

3. HBLL-produced DVDs in a series

Some HBLL-produced items have traditionally been classed in an accession-type number, and they will continue to receive that number.

English Reading Series: DVDC 5012e 2015 Cap
Wheatley Lecture: DVDC 5012w 2013 Nov

V. Processing

The call number should be printed on a Mormon Media Collection bookplate (red gryphon with headphones). A barcode should be added to the bottom of the bookplate.

If the DVD or CD is in a regular clamshell case, tuck the bookplate into the front plastic sleeve. (The Mormon Media Collection bookplates are not gummed.)

If the media is part of a legacy collection that already has a barcode on the case or a call number label affixed to the case or insert, the bookplate with call number will still be tucked into the front plastic sleeve of the DVD, but it is not necessary to add a second barcode to the bookplate. (If desired, “clean” DVD cases may be available from the media catalogers.)

If the DVD comes in a paper box or another type of box that does not have a clear plastic sleeve, the DVD may be wrapped horizontally in a mylar sleeve, to which the bookplate is attached.

VI. Routing to Special Collections

Cataloged CDs/DVDs are placed in the Special Collections cataloging specialist’s workroom.

Location / Hours

The Catalog Department is located on Level 6 of the Harold B. Lee Library. The Department is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.