3.4.7 Processing Sotheby Catalogs

Decisions made with regard to the receipt and cataloging procedures for Sotheby catalogs at a meeting held April 3, 1996 and attended by Dennis Bernards, Pat Frade, Carla Kupitz, Howard Lo, Kari Nelson, Chris Ramsey, and Keith Westover with additional insights provided by Sharolynn Pyeatt.

  • Serials (Dennis Bernards) will receive the items on serial record, no checkin will be required.
  • Serials will route the catalogs to Acquisitions (Kari Nelson).
  • Acquisitions (Kari) will store the catalogs until the Fine Arts Librarian (Chris Ramsey) is notified and reviews them for analytics.
  • After the review, Kari will tattletape and produce TPFs for those to be analyzed. All catalogs will then be delivered to the Fine Arts cataloger.
  • The Fine Arts Cataloger will barcode all catalogs. He will create item records on the appropriate Sotheby records (by auction location) for all non-analyzed catalogs and will forward the catalogs to the Lettering Room. Analyzed catalogs will receive a full MARC record, an analytic call number (based on the appropriate auction location), a barcode and an item record. These items will then be sent to lettering.

***Prior to the above procedures, the serials cataloger (Pat Frade) will create serial records for all Sotheby catalogs based on the auction location. The records and call numbers will be a variation based on the Sotheby New York record.

***Chris Ramsey will review the existing backlog of catalogs in Kari’s area for analytics as she has time.

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