3.6.4 LDS Business College


  1. Give materials to Kayla
  2. Tattle-tape
  3. There are NO acquisitions records for these items. Some of the materials for LDSBC may be added as a new library to an existing bib record if it is the same edition. Some items are original to the catalog and must be created from scratch.
  4. Check the title carefully in WorkFlow’s first.
  5. If the LDSBC copy is a new edition to the catalog- use the create icon and complete the 245 field.
  6. Go to RLIN or OCLC and when possible import a good record overlying the newly created bib record.
  7. Edit the WorkFlow’s record as necessary… fixed fields, bib tags, etc.
  8. Ignore the series, but do NOT delete it.
  9. Add an action note. Example: cat|bLDSBC|c20020512|kkxw|5UPB
  10. Barcode with LDSBC barcodes.
  11. Create a call number using the suggested Library of Congress Dewey prefix (082 or the number from the CIP information). The cutter will be the first three initials of the author or title.
  12. Use the call number scheme: ATDEWEY
  13. Write the call number on the purple flag and insert the flag in the book.
  14. Use the appropriate matrix configuration: library: LDSBC ; item-type: BOOK ; location: ON-SHELF
  15. Give the items cataloged directly to Hank. Do NOT put on the lettering truck of newly cataloged materials.
  16. Hank will return the items to Kayla.
  17. Items are boxed up and sent to LDSBC via courier.

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Last Updated: September 2002

Location / Hours

The Catalog Department is located on Level 6 of the Harold B. Lee Library. The Department is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.