3.6.5 London Center


  1. Give materials to Kayla
  2. Materials generally come to the cataloger from the HBLL Acquisitions Department already tattle-taped with acquisition records created in WorkFlows. London Center materials are cataloged much the same as a Lee Library book. The London Center is simply another location in the Lee Library.
  3. Check the title carefully in WorkFlows first. NOTE: If you determine that the London Center acquisition record got attached to the wrong bibliographic record, work with the Acquisitions Department to move the acquisition record to the correct bibliographic record before proceeding.
  4. If a fully cataloged record already exists in Workflows and the London Center acquisition record is already attached to that record, you need only add the appropriate barcode and Location code for the London Center and an action note to the bib record (example: cat|bLondon|c20120712|kkxw|5UPB. You do not have to upgrade the record to RDA. SKIP to #8 below for more detail.
  5. Otherwise, go to OCLC and create an appropriate OCLC Institutional Record in RDA. Make sure authority work has been done for all access points, including series titles. If not already present, an appropriate Library of Congress Classification number must also be created and added to the record.
  6. Include an action note in the institutional record. Example: 583: :cat|bLondon|c20120712|kkxw|5UPB to the institutional record.
  7. Smartport the Institutional record from OCLC to Workflows, overlaying the acquisition record.
  8. Barcode the item. There are no special barcodes for London Center materials.
  9. Use Library of Congress call numbers as you would for a Lee Library stack item.
  10. Use the call number scheme: LC
  11. Write the call number on the order form that came with the book from Acquisitions and insert in the book. Make sure to include the word LONDON above the call number.
  12. Use the appropriate matrix configuration: library: LEE ; item-type: BOOK ; location: LONDON
  13. Bring the items cataloged directly to the Lettering Room and inform the student or full-time supervisor that these are for London Center and ask them to return the books to Kayla when they have been lettered. Do NOT put on the lettering truck of newly cataloged materials.
  14. Lettering returns the items to Kayla.
  15. Print a mailing label for each shipment of books. It is good to ship a batch of books rather than individual books, so wait until you get all of the recently cataloged books back from lettering before shipping. The address is below:
    Books from a Lending Library
    BYU London Centre
    27 Palace Court
    London W2 England
  16. The items and the shipping label are brought to HBLL Receiving for shipment to the London Center. Receiving will pack and ship the items.


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