Call Number Abbreviations

Subject Cataloging Manual ‘Shelflisting’: G180 Page 1 “In English. … use the appropriate abbreviation for all designations appearing on the title page and/or contents note: i.e. “vol.” for volume, “pt.” for part, “sect.” for section, “sess.” for session, etc. For a list of approved abbreviations see AACR2, Appendix B

volume = vol.

number = no.

part = pt.

Supplement = Suppl. (G220 – Procedure number 17 : the “S” is capitalized)

Index = Index

Teacher’s Guide = Teacher’s guide

For languages other than English, the Lee Library* will use the vernacular term for the multi-part designation unless previous volumes, parts or numbers have already been classified using the English language abbreviations. The cataloger should make sure that the online designation is consistent so that the call numbers and the multi-part designations will index properly. Discrepancies should be cleaned-up. However, books do NOT need to be relettered.

(*NOTE: LC’s rule for other than English languages, is to use the English language designation.)

Unicorn Peculiarities: Unicorn will not always recognize all of the vernacular (foreign language) designators. Therefore, if the system does NOT supply the |z before the volume/part designation, the cataloger must insert it.

USMARC Holdings Abbreviations

ANSI/NISO z39.57-1989 Holdings Statements for Non-Serial Items: p.4-5 “Caption- a word, phrase or abbreviation indicating the type of parts into which a multi-part or serial unit has been divided by the publisher … A caption is ordinarily recorded in the holdings statement in abbreviated form.”

volume = v.

part = pt.

Teacher’s Guide = “Teacher’s guide”

(NOTE: Vernacular terms may also be used in the USMARC holdings information.)

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