Creating an Original Record

Search the title in Unicorn using the Search command

(if you are creating a record, you should normally not find a record for your item) binoculars

Issue a Create Item command


  1. action: Create Title,

In the Create Title box:

  1. command form: leave as is (defaults to “complete”)
  2. new call number: leave as AUTO until the call number has been established, or enter in the call number of the work being cataloged if it has already been established
  3. copy: for single monographs, enter a 1 (one)
  4. Press enter or Click OK

Congratulations! You are on your way to creating a new title. “Creating new title” will display in the message box at the lower left-hand corner of your screen display.

At Copy Info:

  1. barcode: scan or key in the barcode, otherwise it will default to AUTO
  2. type: select an Item Type (e.g. BOOK) from the pull-down menu or key in
  3. no of pieces: leave blank (defaults to 1)
  4. home location: select a location (e.g. LEE-STACKS) from pull-down menu or key in
  5. item cat1 (import statistics): select “original” from pull-down menu or key in
  6. permanent: defaults to a check; remove if item will only be housed temporarily
  7. item cat2: leave blank
  8. circulate: defaults to a check, DO NOT change this default
  9. total charges: leave as is
  10. price: leave as is
  11. shadowed copy (hides copy info from public catalog): leave blank. Check the box only if the copy is NOT to display in the public catalog

At Call Number Info:

  1. class scheme: supply the correct symbol (e.g. LC) for the type of classification number used for the item (type in or use pull-down menu)
  2. library: select the owning library (e.g. LEE) from the pull-down menu or key in
  3. shadowed call number (hides call number info from public catalog): leave blank. Check the box only if the call number is NOT to display in the public catalog

At Title Info:

  1. record format: defaults to MARC (MARC is the format for books). Choose the appropriate format (e.g. MARC) from the pull-down menu or key in
  2. control#: system supplied, leave as is. DO NOT touch this field
  3. entries (workform fields): defaults to template (this will determine the configuration of the workform in the Descriptive Info screen) for now, please use template
  4. add empty 006: defaults to NONE; if you need an an additional 006– select the appropriate term to display
  5. fixed fields: defaults to display (with a Check), leave as is
  6. shadowed title (hides the entire record from the public catalog): leave blank. Check the box only if the entire record is NOT to display in the public catalog.
  7. Click OK. Message appears in the lower left-hand corner of the screen display: Item created

A reformatted combination screen will appear which includes… Copy Info/Call Number Info/Title Info …

At Copy Info:

  1. If any corrections are necessary, they should be made here

At Call Number Info:

  1. If any corrections are necessary, they should be made here. IMPORTANT: Call numbers should be entered with spaces between each significant element of the call number.
    • example: PR 2988 .P78 S84 1998
  2. shelving key: leave as is! CAUTION: This will be automatically changed by the system. DO NOT touch.

At Title Info:

  1. control #: DO NOT Touch!, leave as is
  2. record format: correct if necessary
  3. created by: type in your initials
  4. date cataloged: change NEVER to TODAY, use pull down menu or key in
  5. shadow file: correct if necessary (see previous references to the shadow file)

Scroll down to the Fixed Fields

Fixed Fields:

  1. complete the fixed fields. Use “tab” to move between the fields or the mouse.

Variable Fields:

  1. Complete the variable fields as appropriate. (NOTE: In Unicorn Workflows, fields are arranged in the order in which they are added to the screen, NOT in numerical order).

To add a new field:

  • Click in numerical order next to the field to be added. Depending on the field to be added, choose the appropriate button bar



To delete a field:

  • Click anywhere on the field to be deleted. Choose the Delete button from the button bar deletefield

NOTE: If you added a field, but choose not to use it after all, the system may give you an error message and you may find that you need to delete it.

To delete information within a field:

  • Use the Delete Key on the keyboard to delete one character at a time
  • Highlight the information to be deleted and use the Delete key on the keyboard.

NOTE: Using Eraser Helper button will clear ALL fields in the bib record. If done accidently, one can use the Restore Helper button to “undo” the Eraser.




Step 1: After you have looked over your bib record and everything looks ok, be sure to Click on OK. This will reformat your screen display and save the record. If you use the scroll bar on the right and scroll down to the bottom part your screen and you will be able to see how your call number appears in spine label format.

Step 2: Now that your record is perfect, Click on Close. This will close the window. After all of the work you have done, this step is critical and should be done before you step away from your workstation or before you attempt any other command. Please don’t forget to CLOSE!

Good luck, please ask questions. The trainers are: Janet Bradford (music library), Bob Maxwell, Sharolynn Pyeatt, Virginia Watson and Kayla Willey.

Add Title Wizard:

SirsiDynix Symphony WorkFlows Help>Cataloging with Authority>Add Title Wizard

Maintained by: John Wright

Last Updated: September 2002


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The Catalog Department is located on Level 6 of the Harold B. Lee Library. The Department is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.