SmartPORT Basics

SmartPORT is a feature within Workflows that allows capturing, editing, and loading of MARC bibliographic and authority records utilizing a Z39.50 server. SmartPORT may be used to import a new record, or to overlay an existing record.

At BYU several databases have been configured for Z39.50 searching and importing.

  1. Library of Congress – for BOOKs cataloged in the English language after 1975, and in Spanish after 1978. We DO NOT currently have access to the other files­ Books since 1898, or Serials, Maps, etc. We DO have access to the Library of Congress authority file.
  2. RLIN – has been configured for bibliographic records in all formats and for authority records
  3. OCLC – this database is in demo format currently; we anticipate full functionality when Grant has the time to work on the configurations necessary.
  4. Infobase – (similar to our LTLC resource file)-currently UNavailable, but under discussion.
  • An RLIN SmartPORT search is unable to display the records within a cluster, although it can display the owning libraries. Owning libraries are embedded in the bibliographic record in a 952 field. To view the 952 field, the formatted button must be UNformatted.
  • SmartPORT has some severe limitations. It is currently NOT a Windows based environment and cut and paste are impossible to do.
  • We highly recommend that anyone using the RLIN database for SmartPORT overlay, search the
  • RLIN database through WinRLIN first. This enables the cataloger to view the various records within the cluster and select the best copy. Again, although WinRLIN will allow you to copy the RLIN ID, it is impossible to paste the ID into the SmartPORT search. 🙁

Special attention must be directed to the process of import or overlay. It is important to follow the instructions carefully and to pay attention during the entire process of import. Listed here are some SmartPORT limitations and concerns:

  1. Incoming records can be edited before they are loaded into the catalog. It is imperative to verify and correct all INVALID indicators and subfields that are being imported; otherwise, entire Tags (fields) are stripped from the incoming record.
  2. Unless otherwise modified, the call number of the imported record will AUTOMATICALLY overlay the auto-generated XX call number.
  3. SmartPORT currently times out very quickly; it may be wise to batch your SmartPORT work.

SmartPort Wizard:

SirsiDynix Symphony WorkFlows Help>Cataloging with Authority>SmartPort Wizard

Maintained by: Janet Bradford

Last Updated: April 2013


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