4.4 Classification of Dance


Use this policy to determine call numbers for resources about dance, and videorecordings of performed dance or about dance, in both general and special collections.


The Library of Congress classifies resources about dance using numbers in the GV schedule, GV1580-GV1799.4. At BYU we substitute the letters MD for GV in this range; otherwise, the classification number remains the same.


Dance : a handbook for the appreciation of the choreographic experience / by Joan Cass.
LC assigned call number: GV 1588 .C37 1999
BYU call number: MD 1588 .C37 1999

Videorecordings about dance generally use the same call number as a print resource would use.

Videorecordings of ballet performances are classed with ballet music in M 1520.

Videorecordings of performed dance other than ballet use an abbreviated schedule:

MD 1743: Folk dance performance(s)
MD 1751: Ballroom dance performance(s)
MD 1781: General dance performance(s) [multiple types of dance in the same performance]
MD 1783: Modern dance performance(s)
MD 1784: Jazz dance performance(s)

Add .8 to the end of the classification number for dance resources created or performed by persons affiliated with BYU or other Latter-day Saint performers, or resources related to LDS culture.

Example: A videorecording of a BYU Ballroom Dance Company performance would be classed in MD 1751.8.

Circulating copies of theses and dissertations about dance are given numbers in MD 1579. See section 4.6 Classification of BYU Theses and Dissertations for policies about classifying theses and dissertations.

MD 1579.02: Master’s theses (M.A. or M.S.)

MD 1579.021: Master’s degree projects

MD 1579.022: Doctoral dissertations (Ph.D or Ed.D)

MD 1579.03: University Scholar or Honors projects

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