1.0 Department Mission and Objectives

I. Mission Statement

The mission of the Catalog Department is to develop and maintain a unified catalog of the holdings of the Harold B. Lee Library which provides thorough, accurate and timely bibliographic identification of all items in the collection as well as an effective means of accessing records by bibliographic or subject terms; and to organize these holdings into subject, reference and special collections in accordance with standard classification schemes and local needs.

II. Primary Objectives

  1. To develop and maintain a database of high-quality machine-readable catalog records representing the holdings of the Lee Library and any authorized branches, from which may be generated an online public-access catalog, or any other outputs needed for the identification and retrieval of library materials.
    1. To create MARC records for all new acquisitions to the library in a timely manner.
    2. To correct errors and resolve problems in existing records as they are found and to establish and utilize reporting systems to identify errors and problems.
    3. To provide high-quality metadata bibliographic records by participating in the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) which gives the Department the ability to enhance bibliographic records using the Monograph Bibliographic Record Cooperative (BIBCO) program, and using standards for serials records (CONSER).
    4. Prepare for working in a linked data environment.
  2. To implement a system of authority control to ensure the identification of bibliographic or subject entities with consistent terminology, to guarantee the collocation of items relating to a given entity in the catalog index, and to provide references from variant forms, synonymous terms or related entities.
    1. To create and maintain within the local system a file of MARC authority records which establish the forms of headings and references and the treatment of monographic series.
    2. To establish cataloging procedures, reports or review systems to ensure the agreement of headings in bibliographic records with authorized forms.
  3. To organize the library’s holdings into logical subject classifications within established collections to facilitate retrieval, browsing and optimal use.
    1. To assign call numbers according to the Library of Congress or other appropriate classification schemes.
    2. To work with subject librarians to ensure that appropriate items are placed in reference or special locations.
    3. To effect transfers and reclassification of items as needed to ensure continued optimal access.

III. Supporting Objectives

  1. To develop a team of competent, knowledgeable and committed staff, including professional catalogers, paraprofessional and clerical support staff, and students, who are capable of achieving the department mission.
    1. To recruit to department positions individuals who possess high intellectual capacity, character compatible with the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a dedicated commitment to the University and the ability to work effectively with others.
    2. To provide in-depth initial and in-service training programs in skills necessary for the achievement of the department objectives.
    3. To encourage on-going professional development of staff through reading of the literature of cataloging and other aspects of librarianship, coursework, and participation in local, regional and national organizations relevant to cataloging assignments.
  2. To enhance productive capability through effective organization and communication.
    1. To organize the department into logical units that facilitate efficient productions and teamwork, and to encourage regular unit meetings.
    2. To hold monthly departmental meetings where department members can share discoveries, discuss problems, and give input toward policy and decision making.
    3. To encourage communication and teamwork between department members and other librarians.
    4. To promote participation of department personnel in division-, library- and university-wide committees and task forces.
  3. To optimize the use of available technology in achievement of department objectives.
    1. To make the most effective use of the national utilities in shared cataloging to reduce the amount of original cataloging needed and also to contribute our own cataloging to these utilities.
    2. To work with the division and library administration to acquire where feasible electronic or technological tools which will facilitate and enhance our ability to achieve our mission and to provide training or identify outside sources of training in use of these tools.
  4. To encourage and, insofar as possible, to provide support for research and innovation by department members contributing to the fulfillment of the department mission.

Last Updated: September 2002

Location / Hours

The Catalog Department is located on Level 6 of the Harold B. Lee Library. The Department is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.