1.1 Metadata Roadmap

The Metadata and Identities Librarian leads the library in assessing, evaluating, developing, and implementing metadata standards, schemas, and ontologies. They have identified the following areas to fulfill this mission and responsibility.


Assessment refers to defining and documenting the roles, metadata, systems, and processes related to metadata creation, maintenance, and sharing. This area identifies collections of metadata in the library and the roles and stewardships related to this metadata. This also includes efforts to evaluate the quality of metadata in existing library systems. This assessment will result in creating a State of the Metadata report that will be shared with the library yearly.


Remediation refers to automatic and manual updating and improving existing metadata so that resource description is accurate and consistent. This includes responding to and resolving patron-reported metadata issues as well as engaging in projects to update and fix issues with our metadata identified during assessment that will improve access and discoverability.


Enrichment refers to enhancing existing metadata so that the metadata is complete and has relationships and links to other entites and sources. This includes identifying tools, methods, and data sources to enrich our metadata in preparation for conversion into a linked data environment.


Conversion refers to the process of converting existing metadata from their various schemas and systems to RDF triple statements. This includes developing a MARC to RDF conversion process and setup a database for storing and using converted metadata.


Publication refers to exposing the converted RDF metadata on the World Wide Web for other institutions, organizations, and consortia to use. This includes enabling the querying and discoverability of our RDF-converted metadata.


Education refers to training, exploring, and documenting what we know and what we need to learn as we make this transition with our metadata. Efforts in education include

  • developing a metadata lab to experiment with semantic web and linked data technologies.
  • participating in pilot projects with other academic institutions and orgainzations looking at the future of metadata and cataloging (e.g. PCC URIs in MARC, PCC Wikidata pilot, OCLC Entity Management System).
  • providing training and documentation to teach library colleagues in working with these new technologies, processes, and environments.
  • working with the library instruction department to develop modules and training that better emphasize the role of metadata in search and discovery as well as find ways the instruction can inform the metadata creation process.

Location / Hours

The Catalog Department is located on Level 6 of the Harold B. Lee Library. The Department is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.