2.6 NACO Training

As a NACO Program member our library “contribute[s] authority records for agents, places, works, and expressions to the LC/NACO Authority File” and commits “to support their staff through a process of training, review, and direct contributions of records to the LC/NACO Name Authority File”1. To align our department’s authority work with established NACO standards and practices, training is provided individually as well as department-wide at various times and venues (e.g. one-on-one training sessions, week-long on-site trainings and department meetings). The official NACO training modules are organized into PowerPoint presentations covering the following areas:



  1. Library of Congress. (2021). NACO – Name Authority Cooperative Program. Retrieved from https://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/naco/index.html

Location / Hours

The Catalog Department is located on Level 6 of the Harold B. Lee Library. The Department is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.