3.4.12 Non-lending BYU Library Resources in OCLC Marking Procedure



  1. Open the Connexion Client
  2. Find the master record for the resource
  3. Go to the Tools menu
    • Launch Local Holdings Maintenance
    • A web browser window will open in the OCLC web browser, with the master record displaying
  4. Under Action, choose Create Local Holdings
  5. Change summary to “BYU Library does not lend this item”
  6. Open the Leader (click +)
    • Change Encoding Level to Level 2
    • Click Apply
  7. Open 008 (click +)
    • Change Lending policy to “will not lend”
    • Click Apply
  8. Delete 853, 863, and 866 field (drop down menu to the right of the field labeled “Functions”)
  9. Under Action, choose Add record. Click OK.

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Last Updated: July 2011

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