3.2.2 Holdings Data in the National Utilities

Some holdings data is required whenever a record appears in RLIN or OCLC to indicate that BYU holds all or part of the title described. In general, the formulation and inclusion of such data should comply with any standards set by RLIN or OCLC for member libraries of the category to which BYU belongs.

In the absence of such standards, it is generally sufficient to report holdings at ANSI/NISO level 1. In OCLC, this means that our institution code appears with the list of holding institutions. In RLIN, this means that the location code, sublocation code, and call number must appear on the record with our institution code. Inclusion of statements of extent of volumes, barcodes, and notes is optional. Catalogers may elect to include this information or to establish separate policies governing collections they control as long as they meet the minimum requirements of this policy. When detailed holdings are entered they should be formulated according to the provisions of ANSI/NISO Z39.57.

Last Updated: September 2002

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