3.4.14 Accompanying Material Instructions

Leave accompanying material with the book unless flag from subject specialist indicates otherwise, OR pocket doesn’t fit the width of the book.

If accompanying material does not stay with the book, the item type is CIRC-MEDIA and both locations are CIRC-MEDIA. Class scheme should be LCPER.

Replace original pocket if opening is toward the side of the book instead of the top.

If pocket is added to the book, add 590 note (example: CD-ROM in pocket attached to inside back cover.)

Make sure 300 field includes accompanying material information:

21 cm. +|e1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.)
24 cm. +|e2 DVDs (4 3/4 in.)

There should be a period after the parentheses if next field after 300 is a series (440, 490):

300::234 p. : |bill. ;|c21 cm. +|e1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.).
440: 0:Books for Christmas.

Add 655 _0 note: CD-ROMs (DVDs, Compact Discs, Floppy Disks)

Make sure date cataloged has been changed from NEVER.
Change number of pieces on vol/copy screen to 2 (or whatever is appropriate).

Write BYU and HBLL on inner circle of CD-ROMs and DVDs (or LDSBC or SWKT when needed).
Write call number along outside edge of discs (and on downloading instructions if included).

Are done the same as books, except DO NOT do anything to the bib. record. Just scan in the barcode and change the number of pieces on the vol/copy screen to 2.

Maintained by: Chad Parker

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