2.4.3 Marking Records to Not Be Updated or Overlaid

Sometimes we want to preserve local information in authority records and prevent it from disappearing if the record is overlaid. For example, our local series treatment is locally added; sometimes we have added local call numbers for authors; sometimes the genre/form project requires that certain subject headings no longer be used; sometimes special instructions have been added to records, e.g., to route something to a certain cataloger, how to use a subdivision, or not to use a subdivision. The following procedure prevents authority records from being overlaid. Note: this means that if a new version of the record is imported into the catalog it will create a duplicate which will need to be addressed manually by the Authorities Specialist.

To mark an authority record so that it will not be updated or overlaid by an updated authority record during batch processing

  1. Open the authority record you want to edit using the Modify Authority option in WorkFlows.
  2. In the 040 field of the authority record, add |dUPB.
  3. On the Control tab, add an X before the LCCN in the Authority ID field. For example:
  4. On the Authority tab, add a 690 field with your initials, explain why the record should not be overlaid, and list the changes made.|For example:
    690  rlm added 667, 680, changed to ref record DO NOT OVERLAY
  5. Add any notes needed to inform catalogers about the use of this record.For example:
    667  CATALOGERS: do not use this heading as a subject heading. For works about English literature, use English literature–History and criticism. For collections or individual works use the genre/form term (655 field)|5UPB
  6. Add |5UPB at the end of any added or modified field (see the example in step 5 above).
  7. Click Save to save your changes.

Maintained by: Elizabeth Tobiasson

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